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   Jim suffers from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) is characterized by a steady progression of clinical neurological damage with or without superimposed relapses and minor remissions and plateaux. People who develop SPMS will have previously experienced a period of Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) which may have lasted anything from two to forty years or more. In people with MS, the body’s own immune system attacks special myelin coating that protects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal column. This causes patches of inflammation to occur leading to demyelination and damage to nerve tissue. This damage interferes with the transmission of signals along the nerves in the central nervous system causing problems with motor (physical movement), sensory, and thinking skills. The periods of inflammation are often experienced as short-term exacerbations or relapses.   

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 while serving in the Army overseas. In 1997, my medical history caught up with me and my military career ended. On this web site, you will find many helpful links to learn more about MS and the people who suffer from the disease.


Multiple Sclerosis or MS affects more than a million people worldwide.
MS is a crippling disease that starts in the prime of youth. It can cause financial, physical and emotional drain on the family of the patient for many years. It is not a killer disease and the patient has more or less a normal life span but gradually as the condition worsens, the patient is totally disabled and requires managed care.

The Adaptive Martial Arts Association was founded in an effort to bring awareness of Martial Arts training for the disabled.

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